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症例報告誌の新刊案内 〜JC Cases:2016年 3月号〜
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Journal of Cardiology Cases
Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 67-96, March 2016
Corticosteroid prophylaxis for fetal immaturity in a pregnant patient with atrial myxoma
Pages 67-69
Gabriele Di Giammarco, Marziale Marchetti, Massimiliano Foschi, Daniele Marinelli, Donato Micucci, Danilo Buca, Martina Leombroni, Michele Di Mauro

Meningitis and brain abscess: First but fatal presentation in a child with tetralogy of fallot
Pages 72-74
Bosede Ehelamioke Adebayo, Oluwatoyin Oluwafunmilayo Ogunkunle, Felix Olugbenga Ayun

Rivaroxaban for treatment of intraventricular thrombus in Chagas disease
Pages 75-77
Alberto A. Las Casas, Alberto A. Las Casas, Marco Aurelio F. Borges, Sebastiao E. Melo-Souza

Long-term myocardial toxicity in a patient with tizanidine and etizolam overdose
Pages 78-81
Mari Amino, Koichiro Yoshioka, Yuji Ikari, Sadaki Inokuchi

Extraction of a trapped pacemaker lead in a pacemaker-dependent patient
Pages 82-84
Alexander Kypta, Hermann Blessberger, Juergen Kammler, Thomas Lambert, Michael Lichtenauer, Clemens Steinwender

Severe aortic stenosis, critical coronary artery disease, and transfusion-dependent angiodysplasia - A management conundrum
Pages 87-89
Shabnam Rashid, Christopher Malkin, Dominik Schlosshan, Daniel Blackman

Retrieval of a stuck Rotablator burr ("Kokeshi phenomenon") and successful percutaneous coronary intervention
Pages 90-92
Anthony Mechery, Paul J. Jordan, Sagar N. Doshi, Sohail Q. Khan

Recurrent systemic embolism caused by descending thoracic aortic mural thrombus in a young cannabis abuser
Pages 93-95
Antoine Noel, Florent Le Ven, Martine Gilard, Luc Bressollette, Philippe Castellant, Ulric Vinsonneau, Nicolas Paleiron, Jacques Mansourati

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